Friday, October 4, 2013


WOW!  What a great weekend!

We left on Saturday morning and didn't stop eating (oops - I mean cruising) until Sunday night!

What scenery as we traveled north, then west, then north, then west and had our first pit stop at Tim's in SCHOMBERG.

Back on the road travelling right, right again, then left, then SPRINGFIELD GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB for a delicious buffet lunch.

Springfield Golf and Country Club

Heading south, then west, turning left, then right, heading south, turning left we eventually arrived at the MILITARY MUSEUM in BRANTFORD.

Military Museum, Brantford

Exiting the museum turning left, then right, going north, turning right we arrived at the BEST WESTERN PLUS in BRANTFORD.  They must have been happy to see us as there was a crowd outside waiting to greet us.  A fire truck could be seen with lights flashing to announce our arrival!!!

Brant Park Inn & Conference Centre

After checking in, members enjoyed an enormous buffet dinner at KIRBY'S RESTAURANT adjacent to the hotel.

Kirby's Restaurant

Following dinner, Karel and Jack Nottingham hosted a number of horse races (the horses had familiar names and came from interesting stables).  I do believe that Reid Stainton was the big winner and he wasn't even at the post for the first three races!!!


Sunday morning we headed to PARIS

But before we left, we had a buffet breakfast!

MARY MAXIM NEEDLECRAFT was opening early just for us to browse and purchase all sorts of awesome stuff.  With only an hour (!) it was a challenge to shop, shop, shop and not miss any of the great bargains.

Mary Maxim Needlecraft

From Paris we cruised to ELMIRA in a  "round about way"  (6 times)  with a short stop at PICARD'S PEANUTS

before driving north to the CROSSROADS RESTAURANT for......buffet lunch !!  Anybody hungry?!?!?!  If not - we can shop!

Crossroads Family Restaurant

Leaving Elmira we turned left, headed north, turned left again, then north and finally south to KNAPPS MARKET for a quick stop to shop!

From the market we turned left travelling east, turned north, turned right, then left, then right and into BOSTON PIZZA at NEWMARKET for a non-buffet dinner!!!

Boston Pizza

As we waddled out to our cars to complete the final lap home, Mother Nature wept as she realized that our cruise had come to an end!

Thank you Linda and Will Clarke for a very well organized trip!  Good job!


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