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Spring Meeting Update

Sunday April 27th
Emmanuel Community Church
2:00 PM

Some issues discussed:
  • Year of eligibility for cars at our Tuesday Night Cruise-Ins has been re-updated to the 25 year rule effective 2014  and will remain at 1989 and older until a change is recommended by the membership
  • 25th Anniversary Celebration (2015) ideas were discussed with suggestions for clothing and a redesigned anniversary logo; one special day to celebrate in July or August and possibly on a weekend; public celebration vs private member celebration
  • Signage for Tuesday nights to note 1989 and older with a further sign showing where spectators could park
  • Blog website should be a focal point for members to keep up to date on club functions and general information.  Members were encouraged to check the blog frequently and asked to use our membership list of e-mail addresses as a means of communicating with members

Complete details will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting and available to all members.

Thanks to all who attended.