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August 26, 2014


With 229 classic vehicles, 147 Luck of the Draw door prizes and Mother Nature smiling we had a terrific Appreciation Night Cruise-In!  Thank you to all who attended during the year and helped to make this year's cruise-ins such a great success! 
They say a picture is worth 1,000 words so we hope you enjoy our recap of August 26, 2014.....
(it was a busy night so please excuse any unintentional errors or omissions - thanks)


selected by Chuck Willes, Mark Willes and Bill Dowson
Car of the Week winner is:
1929 Chrysler Sedan owned by Steve Foden from Port Perry

80's NIGHT
sponsored by FENDER SKIRT KING
Car of the Week winner is:
1987 Buick Grand National owned by Ralph Elliott of Prince Albert



sponsored by ED & LORRAINE SMALE
Car of the Week winner is:
1959 Ford Retractable owned by Bill & Fran Andrew


sponsored by ISLAND FRIES
Car of the Week winner is:
1969 Camaro owned by Dave Derusha from Lindsay

70's NIGHT
sponsored by NAPA AUTO PARTS
Car of the Week winner is:
1970 Roadrunner owned by Bob Hendricksen from Port Perry


compliments of  Napa Auto Parts Port Perry

and perhaps the greatest winner of the night was Operation Scugog thanks to the generosity of

Other winners (in addition to the luck of the draw winners) were:
Glen Evans from Port Perry (monetary prize);  Brian Chamberlain from Manilla (aphgan compliments of Nancy Tytler); Andy VanKessel from Cresswell ($30 oil change compliments of Mark Willes Automotive); Cathy Rapier from Oshawa (jacket compliments of Choko Authentic Apparel) and Wayne Stainton from Port Perry (jacket compliments of Choko Authentic Apparel)

We sincerely thank Emmanuel Community Church for allowing us to host our Classic Car Cruise-Ins every Tuesday Night.  Without their support we would have a difficult time accommodating vehicles every night.  Church volunteers manage the barbeque every night and we encourage everyone to support them by purchasing a delicious hotdog or hamburg.

And finally, thank you to ALL our sponsors for your wonderful generosity in donating prizes throughout the year.  With your continuing support we look forward to 2015's classic car cruise-in season as we celebrate our 25th year as a classic car club!

Thank you so very much!