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Green is THE colour this year!

At precisely 9:17 sharp on Saturday September 24th we began this year's Fall Colour (green) Cruise.  Under the leadership of Andy and Bev we followed them north with Dave and Cathy bringing up the rear!

We turned right, then left - went east, then south, saw three trees that had changed colour and eventually stopped for a McDonald's(pee) break in Orillia. We went up hills and down dales and along twisting roads until we arrived for lunch at Riverhouse Restaurant in Severn Falls. 
We showed those bikers! ..... :)

On the road again with our stomachs full and our bladders empty we headed on towards Port Severn stopping just past the swing bridge (for a pee break).

Off we go to the right, back over the 400, a jog to the right then, a quick left, a couple more right turns and voila!  We arrive at our destination for the night.....Best Western Highland Inn in Midland.

With three weddings and a group (that was us!) the inn was full!

Not much can be divulged as this is a G-rated blog bu…

September 6, 2016 - Appreciation Night

sponsored by
Special thanks to 
all the Club Members
who helped make this final cruise-in a success.
228 vehicles!
(in total over 2 nights)

What a difference a year makes!
Last year......we were soooooooo cold!
Last week......we were sooooooo wet! This week.......we were sooooooo hot!  Car of the Week winner for 80's Night which had been rained out is:
1987 Monte Carlo SS owned by Steve Elliott from Little Britain

Either we really like those Elliot men's cars or our members are suffering from  "Seniors' Moments"   :)
Perhaps a bit of both!

Car of the Week winner for Appreciation Night is:
1965 Ford Galaxie 500 XL owned by Marlene & Fred O'Boyle
and was selected by Car of the Week plaque sponsor Chuck Willes, Realtor

A big thanks to Tim Horton's for supplying FREE coffee, lemonade and iced capps  not only on our last cruise but the two cruise-ins before that as well! What a great service for our guests! A very special thanks to Emmanuel …