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Green is THE colour this year!

At precisely 9:17 sharp on Saturday September 24th we began this year's Fall Colour (green) Cruise.  Under the leadership of Andy and Bev we followed them north with Dave and Cathy bringing up the rear!

We turned right, then left - went east, then south, saw three trees that had changed colour and eventually stopped for a McDonald's (pee) break in Orillia.
We went up hills and down dales and along twisting roads until we arrived for lunch at Riverhouse Restaurant in Severn Falls.

We showed those bikers! ..... :)

On the road again with our stomachs full and our bladders empty we headed on towards Port Severn stopping just past the swing bridge (for a pee break).

Off we go to the right, back over the 400, a jog to the right then, a quick left, a couple more right turns and voila!  We arrive at our destination for the night.....Best Western Highland Inn in Midland.

With three weddings and a group (that was us!) the inn was full!

Not much can be divulged as this is a G-rated blog but suffice to say we learned how Brenda cheats the "Fit Bit" and Paul loves every move!

Sleep (?) was interrupted with the sounds of the fire alarm.  Can't blame Reid this time!
Apparently no-smoking rules were meant to be broken - but someone in a wedding party may regret that decision if there are repercussions following the arrival of the fire truck!

Good thing it wasn't a real fire - many of our cruisers either didn't hear the alarm or ignored it!

Bright and early Sunday morning after a nice continental breakfast we headed out on an awesome drive - the only thing that might have made it more enjoyable would have been if the leaves had changed colours.

Our first quick (pee) break was at Lafontaine Beach!  Could have pulled out our chairs and stayed much longer!  What a lovely beach.

But we had to get going - would soon be time for lunch (and a pee break) at Mad Michael's Smokehouse in Wyebridge.

Again, with our stomachs full and our bladders empty we forged on stopping soon at our future home - Leacock Retirement Lodge in Orillia(pee break again!)

May we all be fortunate enough to afford the laps of luxury in a home such as this when we downsize!
It has a lovely bathroom with marble floors!   :)

With those thoughts, the following is a look into the future - 20 years from now.....

Finally, with our bladders emptied again, we headed for home through the Sunday traffic ending up at the Hyland Restaurant because, of course, we hadn't eaten for a couple of hours and some needed a pee break!

Many, many thanks to Bev and Andy for planning (yet again) a wonderful Fall Cruise - even if the dominant colour was green!

One word for next year.......depends!