Monday, September 3, 2018


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 161 vehicles!
What a great night to end the cruise-in season!

The weather was warm and the food was hot
The cars overflowed the parking lot!
With prizes galore and donations high
The food bank's shelves are filled to the sky!

Our members chipped in by lending a hand
The only thing missing was a live band!
Our cruisers, as always, are simply the best
Our sponsors are better than all the rest!

One thousand, four hundred and eighty four
The total of cars this year - maybe more!
With only two rain outs and one double book
There were 13 nights to come out and look.

Our cruise-ins have come to an end for this year
Fall is approaching and winter is near.
We hope you enjoy the pictures below
Keep checking this blog for a video!
(as soon as I figure out how to do

Car of the Week winner for Special Interest Night 
sponsored by Island Upholstery (doubled booking May 15th)
1941 Cadillac owned by Michael Bloom from Stouffville
Selected by Sheldon Smith and Ed Smale

Car of the Week winner for Pre '50s night
sponsored by Port Perry Auto Supply (rained out May 22)
1938 Buick Special Coupe owned by Arnold Kerry from Utica
Always a favourite - selected by Gary Nottingham and Keith Brown

Car of the Week winner for GM Night
sponsored by Gus Brown Motors (rained out Aug 21st)
1961 Oldsmobile Super 88 owned by Blair Trotter from Burketon
Selected by Clarence Wilson and Paul Robinson

Car of the Week winner for Appreciation Night is
1960 Mercury Park Lane owned by John Csiki from Keswick
Selected by our Car of the Week award sponsors Chuck Willes (Realtor) and Mark Willes (Automotive)


Sponsor of our Dash Plaques - thank you very much

Shiminy, Sean and Vivek- great guys! Thank you very much!

And finally........
Cruisin' Classics - The Next Generation!

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We've had just one in over three years - luckily it was a nice one! :)

Please support those who support us!
Our sponsors are the best!

Bev Van Kessel, President;  Tony Laundrie, Vice President
Julie Williams, Treasurer/Secretary